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Piper's Pyramid (Indiana, United States)
Modeled after the french Valencay, a Loire valley goat's milk classic. Creamy and dense with a dusting of paprika under its wrinkled, white rind (with occasional spots of blue), this lactic curd chevre is handladled and has a velvety texture.  Its flavor is refreshing and lactic, slightly sweet and buttery, with a musty edge.
Mt. Tam (California, United States)
Made from organic cow's milk. Mt. Tam resembles a mottled white hockey puck. Beneath its thick skin, this fluffy triple-crème has pronounced aromas of mushroom and wet straw. Give the cheese a few weeks to mature, when the inside is so melting, you might dig it out with your fingers (when the guests aren't looking.)
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Robiola Bosina (Lombardy, Italy)
A perfect, creamy blend of cow's and sheep's milk with a luxurious, silky paste and smooth, well-balanced mushroomy flavors. Bosina's rind is resilient enough to protect its interior while it ripens to a deliciously runny consistency. The paste itself is mild, sweet, milky, and well worth trying with a wide range of wines.
Saint Marcellin (Rhône-Alpes, France)
A soft-ripened disk of sweet, pasteurized cow's milk with a rindless golden crust and an unparalleled silky texture. Each cheese comes as a small crock. Aged about one month, the flavor is comparable to a Brie de Meaux: mushroomy, truffly and earthy with a delicate residual tang; as it ripens further, the flavors concentrate, becoming quite robust.
Mont Enebro (Avila, Spain)
This complex goat's milk cheese is inoculated with the mold that is used to make Roquefort, adding to its complexity and distinctive appearance. Creamy, lemony and slightly acidic, Mont Enebro becomes denser and the flavor acquires a more intense, pungent finish as it ages. The damp, cakey paste near the rind is fierce.
La Serena (Extremadura, Spain)
Serena is rich and creamy and combines a fruity sharpness with an earthy, pungent flavor. As the cheese ages, its rind becomes leathery and the interior ripens to a soft, smooth spreadable paste. Serena is a terrific party cheese and can be served by the wheel with a hole cut in the top and crusty peasant bread for dipping.


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