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Grayson (Virginia, United States)
Made to emulate Taleggio, Grayson is made from rich swirls of Jersey milk in which you can detect the mountainous meadows of southwest Virginia. The brownish-orange washed rind of the mildly pungent four-pound square envelopes a supple, semi-soft paste that tastes rich and beefy with sweet, nutty tones.
Langres (Champagne, France)
Washed-rind cow's milk cheese with a dense texture and rich, creamy flavor offering distinct notes of sour milk and a long finish. Washed with brine and aged for a minimum of 15 days, the cheese is colored with roucou, derived from the annatto tree. Traditionally served with Champagne poured over the top. 
Försterkäse (Toggenburg, Switzerland)
Försterkäse, or "lumberjack cheese", is made from thermalized cow's milk, washed in brine and bound with pungent pine. The smell is fierce, but the semi-soft paste is layered, complex, and gentle. The binding imparts a definite woodsiness that is salty and full without the barnyardy flavors of classic French washed rinds.
Epoisses (Burgundy, France)
This classic cow's milk cheese originates from Burgundy and has been made in the small town of Epoisses since the late 1700s. In order to develop the dark orange rind, Epoisses is washed with brine for several weeks then finished with wine or brandy. Washing deepens the flavors of the cheese and guarantees a spoonable, silky paste.
Ardrahan (Cork, Ireland)
Ardrahan is a cow's milk cheese with a washed rind that takes on a golden hue as it ages. Under the burnished rind, the buttery yellow cheese turns amber at the center and has a firm and mildly chalky texture. The flavor of this cheese is earthy and pungent with a delicate saltiness.


2 days
$24 per 10oz piece

2 days


2 days


2 days
$14 per 6oz piece

2 days
Edwin's Munster (Munster, Austria)
This raw cow's milk cheese is not from the pastures of Alsace and the Vosgiennes cows, but it is from the Austrian town of Munster itself. It is washed with brine until the texture loosens and pungency develops. At full strength the aroma of porcini mushrooms wafts from the gooey interior while the flavor evokes truffles and onion.


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