Hoja Santa (Texas, United States)
Each of these young goat's milk rounds is wrapped in a velvety, heart-shaped leaf from the local Hoja Santa plant. The Hoja Santa leaf imparts subtle tones of sassafras, anise, mint, black pepper to this soft, fresh chèvre. It's slightly aged until the leaf has lost its chewiness and has infused the white paste with a light grassy note.
Purple Haze (California, United States)
Purple Haze is Cypress Grove's lush and fluffy chevre, sprinkled with tender purple buds of lavender and fennel pollen. The lavender and fennel pollen add an ethereal quality to the already rich goat cheese; floral and piquant, this cheese gets inspiration from the salt-etched fog that cooly rolls in nearly every day.
Mozzarella di Bufala (Lazio and Campania, Italy)
Here's the real deal, which has been around since before cows came on the scene. Buffalo milk is three times fattier than cow's milk  and imparts a slightly sour, gamy flavor. Unlike cows' milk mozzarella, which stiffens with age, mozzarella di bufala continues to break down until it becomes mushy, which means it's too old.
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